Happy New Year from ELC!

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Happy New Year from ELC!

Now if the members of Team ELC were entering a competition for the most fabulous Christmas jumper in Marseille, do you think we would stand a chance of winning?

I think we would make a pretty good impression on a jury, don’t you?

In fact, I think it’s rather a pity that there are not more opportunities to wear these fine textiles all year long, but the fashion police (and our nearest and dearest) have dictated that these beautiful garments will have to be carefully put away on the 1st January for another 12 months.

Never mind.

In any case, we sincerely hope that your Christmases and New Years have been silly and woolly and wild and that your resolutions are unwavering, exciting and include being bilingual by the end of the year.

We at ELC are excited about 2020. Even the date has something magical about it and brings great promise! We wish wonderful things to you all for the whole year!

Our very warmest wishes, Amy, Katie and Nick

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