Happy Chinese New Year from a rat and some pigs!

Happy Chinese New Year from ELC

Happy Chinese New Year from a rat and some pigs!

As you are no doubt aware, Saturday 25th January 2020 saw China celebrate the New Year of the Rat. If you were born in either 1972, 1984, 1996 or 2008, there is a very strong chance that you are a Rat and so congratulations … This is YOUR YEAR!

ELC is proud to acknowledge that we have our own little Rat as Katie was born in October (Libra)1984, so anyone learning with Katie this year is bound to benefit from her aura of luck and bountifulness!

As those who know Katie are sure to agree, rats are quick-witted, smart, versatile (watch out for the false friend) and good at saving money so there are bound to be projects galore and fortune on the horizon.

Now, we at ELC are unfortunately not fluent in Chinese, having dedicated our lives to the most beautiful of languages, French. However, we understand that if you are a rat, you will be experiencing your “Origin of Life” Year which will be filled with challenges and wonderful experiences. 

In order to maximize your luck, it is essential to wear as much red as possible and if possible, dye your hair red, buy a red bicycle and arm yourself with fire-engine red lipstick. 

Rats’ lucky numbers this year will be 2 and 3 … (2 sisters working in a company of 3 people …..! What are the odds?!) The lucky colours will be Red, Gold and Green (So Culture Club on repeat on Deezer obviously) and the best relationships will be with rabbits, oxen and dragons for the lucky students who were born under those signs.

For those who are not lucky enough to be taught by Katie this year, please don’t worry. Both Nick and myself are both PigFish, having both been born in March in two different Years of the Pig. FishPigs are also wonderful signs, blessed with an optimistic and compassionate nature, good at listening, always available for an aperitif and moderately useful in map-reading.


So may all your fortune cookies be full of exciting promise this year.


Our very warmest wishes, Two Pigfish and a Balanced Rat


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