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ELC are more than language trainers—we are language consultants. Our depth of experience makes us perfect for specialist, high-stakes tasks that require English.

Whether you are looking for the perfect candidate for an important role, preparing for your dream job, a secondment overseas, or about to make a crucial presentation in English, ELC is here to get you ready on time.


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Our Other Services

Language consultancy is more than just about making you confident English users...

Job Candidate English Assessment

SITUATION: You need to fill an important role that needs certain English skills, but you don’t have the required English expertise to assess potential candidates.

SOLUTION: ELC provides tailor-made assessments for your role. We work with you to define the English-skills criteria, and then assess your chosen candidates across the range of required skills. Afterwards we will provide a written report on their individual strengths and qualities. You can rest assured that you will be able to make an informed decision.

Interview Preparation

SITUATION: You have been selected for an interview for your perfect job or university course. The interview is in English and you want to be confident, knowledgeable, and impressive.

SOLUTION: ELC provides personalized interview preparation. We will work with you to improve your level of readiness and confidence. Impress your recruiters with your ability to answer questions, range of vocabulary and grammar, spoken fluency, and overall ease in the situation.

Presentation Preparation

SITUATION: You have been tasked with presenting to an important international partner in English. Your English is fine for emails and reading articles, but you’re concerned that you might not understand any of their questions.

SOLUTION: ELC are here to help you prepare for your big presentation. We understand that presentations are more than just reading slides. We will work with you to improve your presentation skills, as well as answering questions and giving confident replies.

International University Entrance Procedure

SITUATION: You are applying for university overseas, and need help with the entire application process, including writing a letter of motivation, organising tests, and asking questions about accommodation.

SOLUTION: All ELC team members are native English speakers with experience at universities in English-speaking countries. We understand that the application process can be long, complicated, and at many steps you will need to demonstrate or use English. You may also need to prepare for high school final exams at the same time you need to do the application. We are here to guide you through the process and help with preparing for interviews and writing tasks.

French – English Translations

SITUATION: Your company is internationalising to reach a wider audience. You have dozens of documents across many different subjects and management is pushing you to have them ready in English by the end of the month.

SOLUTION: Call the experts! ELC can help you with all your translation needs. We have knowledgeable team members with decades of experience with translating from French to English. Meet your deadlines while being confident that the translator is capable and competent.

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