ELC takes Qualiopi by storm

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ELC takes Qualiopi by storm

Every 18 months, training centres like ELC must undergo a “Qualiopi” audit. A special auditor comes to check whether our documentation is in order, whether we are analyzing our students’ needs correctly, whether we have the proper means in place, both human and technical, to accompany out students to their objectives, whether we are aware of what is new in the training sector, whether we are trying to do better year after year ….

And we are very proud to say that after a very thorough check of all our processes, … we passed with flying colours!

Our auditor was particularly happy with our very personalized approach and … get this … even loved ELC-TV …. We think he was angling for a role as ‘extra’ in season 3, so maybe you will see him next year in a crowd scene in our next peplum!

In any case, we were all delighted to with the result and very relieved after many weeks of preparation. And we needed to get out and CELEBRATE!

Our choice of venue was the very fabulous QUIZ ROOM at number 9 rue Dragon. We were hosted by Guillaume, who chose a very nice English quiz for us, and we were treated to two rounds of quick-fire questions on a myriad of general knowledge.

Each round was spiced up with strategic tools, such as the choice to eliminate two answers out of four, double your points for a specific question, block another player, or steal another player’s points!

As you can see from the picture below, Daniel was our champion, and also our champion point-stealer. As you can also see, Katie and I were perfectly good losers and will be returning again soon to beat our score. Don’t tell Daniel though!

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