ELC uses a bit of elbow grease


ELC uses a bit of elbow grease

This month Katie and I had the opportunity to take part in an annual charity event with our friends at #Onet. The objective was for a group to spend the day repainting a women’s shelter.

For me, this meant 8 hours of spilling paint on the floor and on myself while trying to get a minimum on a wall or two. As surprising as this may sound, I had never actually painted a wall before, so it was a great learning experience as well. Some people may say that I still haven’t painted a wall, but at least now I have some experience trying.

Apart from my questionable painting skills, doing something to aid others is a rewarding exercise. There are so many different ways that we can help in the community. I must admit that I don’t help as much as I should, and so having this opportunity was a chance to reflect on the positives of charity work, and how a little effort for us can translate into making the experiences of others a little better. I had a great day, especially as it had three great aspects—I was able to do something helpful, I got the day off work, and I got a free t-shirt. You can’t get much better than that!



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