ELC trains some future presidents!


ELC trains some future presidents!

We at ELC absolutely love our client, the French Development Agency. It is full of wonderful people who travel all over the planet to try to make the world a better place in terms of climate, biodiversity, health and education.

Unfortunately for us, our only missions for the AFD for the moment are in Marseille, even though we would very happily travel to Cuba, Nouméa, Johannesburg, Cotonou and more to give our lessons ….!

This year, we have a particularly wonderful group of people who are studying for a master’s degree in Project Ownership for Development with options such as public finance, good governance, finance, PPP, financial development and …. English with Nick and myself.

Our four groups, made up of public and private sector workers from, West, North, Central Africa, Haïti, Madagascar, Mauritius and Cuba, are all on their second or third master’s degree and are an amazing source of exchange and debate for us. No doubt this is not the last we will see of them on the global stage!

This week, each student will be making a presentation in English worthy of the United Nations so please join us in wishing them good luck! You’re all wonderful!

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