Good day to you My name is Gully. As you can see, I am a yellow-legged seagull. I was born in 2020 in a colony on the back side of the Cercle des Nageurs in Marseille. My hobbies are fishing, oenology, doing sudoku, sight-seeing and European history. As I am sure you already know, gulls […]

ELC uses a bit of elbow grease

This month Katie and I had the opportunity to take part in an annual charity event with our friends at #Onet. The objective was for a group to spend the day repainting a women’s shelter. For me, this meant 8 hours of spilling paint on the floor and on myself while trying to get a […]

Top Trumps

New terms begin with introductions: Hello! How do you do? We’re delighted to meet you! Did you have any trouble finding us? What lovely weather we’re having for the season! For those of you who don’t know us already, we are ELC: the Dream Team for your English project: be it general English, banking English, […]

Postcards from the edge of sanity

Ouf! It is getting dangerously hot, isn’t it? And these new spicy hot temperatures are not adapted for our bodies and minds. We have read studies which suggest that in Mexico, there is a 1.5% increase in the number of murders for every degree that the temperature rises! Now, this kind of madness is not […]

The Results of the Great ELC Bake-off

DANIEL // Bake Off – The Finale About my ‘competitor’ At the end of a competition, we should be gracious. We should be respectful. We should be a good sport, no matter whether we have won or lost. We should be an example to those that follow in our footsteps. It’s not always easy to […]

Bake Off – Hot Cross Buns

Bake Off – Hot Cross Buns / DANIEL Non-fighting words Competition is a healthy activity. It pushes us to be better, and can test our limits. And what better type of competition than a cooking one! However, every competition needs a winner and a loser. Lucky for me, for this particular competition my opponent is […]

What I have learnt on maternity leave.

On Monday I returned to work after 12 wonderful weeks with my new daughter Stella. The time had flown by so quickly, and I couldn’t believe that she was already 3 months old. I was nervous. I was used to my new routine and was worried I had forgotten how to speak to adults, but […]

ELC Finds a New Home!

Since its creation in 2004, ELC’s headquarters have been a closely guarded secret and the team has managed this because we have always made it a point to go to see our students in their own companies …. Whether it be a lovely village setting at the entrance to the calanques, a chic financial hub […]

Big Fat quiz

ELC has a tradition every year to put together a quiz containing what we view as the most interesting news events of the year. Now, the events in question might not be the ones that made the headlines. Arguably, they may not figure on your list of top 50 events. It’s quite possible, even that […]