ELC reads some books

Summer is a time I always put aside to catch up on the numerous books that I have wanted to read during the year. I put my subscriptions to newspapers on standby and instead turn to the joys of “real reading”. On a trip to Book-In-Bar in Aix in July, I was drawn to the […]


In 2016, ELC went through a transformation. Our website was overhauled, our corporate identity revisited with a chic black and gold colour scheme, our business cards were made smooth and tactile, we ventured onto the social networks for the first time ever …. And all this was made possible under the caring and attentive eye […]


As those of you who read these newssheets avidly will remember, last month, the team at ELC got all creative and began a competition to recreate our favourite works of art. This month, we will be relieving you from the agony of suspense by revealing the answers. And here they are below:   This is […]


A strange thing happens to English trainers if you leave them in confinement for 2 months. First of all, they make themselves a lair, rather like a fugitive on the run or bear about to hibernate for the winter. They gather blankets, food and a good Wifi connection and settle in for the long haul. […]


There is a date on everyone’s lips in France at the moment: 11th May. No-one knows what it will bring: like the rules of English grammar, the guidelines delivered by the government have revealed as many exceptions as there are rules and so we wait in anticipation to see if we are a red zone, […]


As a little bit of an introvert, I’ve always asked myself if I had a limit to staying isolated from the world. Well, with Mother Nature finally having enough and sending us all to our rooms for being bad humans, I finally have my answer. Yes, I do have a limit. Nine days into the […]


For many years ELC has been working with the legal profession: both with such prestigious law firms as Capstan, la  SAJE, PINT, Lex Phocéa, Favarel & Associés and more …. , and at the Maison de l’Avocat where we train groups of lawyers, paralegals and expert witnesses to battle it out in court in English […]

ELC = English Lady Cyclists?

ELC are proud to announce that we have made a step into a slightly greener world thanks to the cycle paths now dotting the lovely city of Marseille. With our brand-new bicycles, we are throwing caution to the wind, putting on our best cycling pants, and treating our clients to the sight of our slightly […]

Orange is the next ELC

ELC are great fans of our client Onet. https://en.groupeonet.com They are a great team of people and, on top of that, they are highly trained in environmentalism. Their cleaning branch has a circular economy called “Biogistics” which means that cleaning is done with eco-labelled products, they have a fleet of electric vehicles, they have a […]

ELC cleans up

As avid readers of our Blogs and loyal followers of our Facebook page, you will certainly be familiar with ELC’s ecological values. Indeed, we have very recently even bought an electric bicycle in order to leave only a stream of joy and a smile when travelling to and from our dear students’! And it is […]