On the 26th of April 2016, in the boardroom of the Marseilles Bar Association, President Mr R. DURAND; Director Ms A. BOCOVIZ; Co-director of the South-East Law School Ms Alexandra VERDOT; Heads of the International Commission Maître William PETERSON and Maître Marie-France GARCIA BAYAT; as well as, of course, the English teacher Ms Amy Dutton, had the pleasure and honour of presenting the International Legal English Certificates (ILEC) to the lawyers and jurists having completed the first legal English training session, organised in partnership with the EDA (South-East Law School) and the Marseilles Bar Association.

This convivial occasion was an opportunity to congratulate the new certificate holders.

Following the training course, which took place over 18 months with 3 hours of lessons per month, almost all of the course participants signed up for the exam passed, and many of them with flying colours.
There’s no doubt that their successors, those who are currently following the second session of the training course, will be ready to sit the exam in December 2016 and obtain equally satisfactory results