Postcards from the edge of sanity


Postcards from the edge of sanity

Ouf! It is getting dangerously hot, isn’t it? And these new spicy hot temperatures are not adapted for our bodies and minds. We have read studies which suggest that in Mexico, there is a 1.5% increase in the number of murders for every degree that the temperature rises! Now, this kind of madness is not something that would affect your favourite English team of course, but on the hottest of days, we have been known (dare I say it) to honk our horn (klaxonner) at a particularly naughty motorist or even …. say a rude word to a bee if we swallow it whilst eating a jam sandwich. And this is why, as France hits its meltiest period, we turn off our smart phones and computers and put ourselves on holiday to recharge. ‘But where are you going?’ we hear you cry! ‘What if we have a particularly sticky present perfect question for you?’

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