Orange is the next ELC


Orange is the next ELC

ELC are great fans of our client Onet.

They are a great team of people and, on top of that, they are highly trained in environmentalism.

Their cleaning branch has a circular economy called “Biogistics” which means that cleaning is done with eco-labelled products, they have a fleet of electric vehicles, they have a quality of life at work project, they control their waste on-site and off-site with numerous recycling bins, and constant reminders to turn off lights and use the stairs instead of the lift (“Thank you Onet”, for our buns of steel!), and best of all they have a Foundation that gives assistance and support to people living in poor housing.

Hence it was that the team at ELC found itself joining our friends to help out at the CHRS in la Valentine, along with students from the Lycée Pastré Grande Bastide. And how delighted we were when we were given the task of repainting a room ORANGE!

Our favourite colour to paint walls (as it is the messiest but also the happiest colour in the rainbow as far as we are concerned.)

It was a hot, stick and dusty day but morale was excellent, and the rooms looked GREAT!

See you next year, Onet Foundation, for more of the same, please!

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