Business English Training

Business English Training

Global Language Consulting

Do your employees need to improve their English?

This first level of professional training helps company employees improve their English with the goal of being able to carry on conversations with an English-speaking public.

  • Private Lessons,
  • Group Lessons,
  • Intensive or Extensive Lessons
  • Phone Lessons

Strategic Language Consulting

Do you have specific professional needs in English?  

This type of training is aimed at an informed public with a precise, specialised requirement in English:

  • Preparation for foreign assignments,
  • Conference preparation,
  • Preparation of advertising campaigns in English,
  • Language-level assessment for hiring,
  • Preparation for employees taking on a new role,
  • Preparation for employees who will be giving training in English.

Legal Language Consulting

English Language Consulting handles the legal English training for a wide variety of members of the legal profession such as lawyers, jurists, notaries, paralegals, assistants and students.

We work with the Maison des avocats de Marseille every month in order to help prepare groups for the ILEC and TOLES exams.
We also work with private law firms.

Conversational Lessons

Discuss, chat, speak, but above all listen! We offer conversational lessons by phone or in person to help you maintain your level of English.

We support you with your funding requests!