Customer Testimonials

We work with businesses of all different sizes, but no matter the size we maintain the same commitment to customer satisfaction.  


The English Language Consulting team are always professional and in a good mood. With them you really enjoy learning English. They are very conscientious and with English Language Consulting I was able to perfect my English and make it a real professional asset!


20 May 2016


It is a great pleasure to work with Amy! She accompanies ONET on different subjects: English classes (with a deep preparation for each session), translations (but not only, as she also gives advice on the British cultural approach), coaching on some events (such as preparation for international trade fairs or conferences in English...). She always manages all these missions with good humor, energy, creativity and the ability to advise.

ONET Marketing Manager

28 May 2016

Christophe TORRE

Thanks to English Language Consulting’s professionalism, flexibility and high spirits I benefited from English lessons adapted to my needs, one-to-one, that I really enjoyed. For both oral and written English the consultant adapted the course format and material to my level, expectations and profession. This allowed me to make real progress in my comprehension and oral expression, which helped me prepare for the TOEIC exam. Thanks!

SFR Business Solutions -
Service Delivery Manager -
Support And Managed Services


29 May 2016


Some of our employees needed to work on their English for professional reasons after being out of school for many years. We tried several different English training companies in Marseilles, but none of them really motivated our employees as they were all too impersonal with set lesson plans that weren’t adapted to our needs.

For the last few years everyone’s been very happy with the team at English Language Consulting: the teachers are native-speakers, always smiling, very pleasant and available and they know how to adapt to our employees’ different needs. Today when our technical teams visit foreign manufacturing facilities they no longer have to worry about communicating in English.

HOM - Head of Human Resources

29 May 2016


As a student in Amy's class for the ILEC preparation, I can attest that She is an exciting teacher, not only qualified but also enthusiastic and careful. She was always available to answer our questions and our doubts and she didn't count the hours to correct our mistakes. I am very grateful to her for having passed my ILEC diploma.

Barthélémy Avocats, A law partnership - Lawyer

29 May 2016


I had the opportunity to take an 18-month legal English course organised by the Marseilles Bar Association in preparation for the ILEC exam. The lessons were professional and interesting. I found that I was making progress from week to week. I was impressed with Amy’s literary and legal knowledge. I really enjoyed learning so much. Having Amy as a teacher means being given the opportunity to succeed!

29 May 2016

Anne-Laure Lesportes

I had the pleasure of taking an 18-month training course to prepare for the ILEC exam with English Language Consulting. I really appreciated how involved they were, the advice they gave and their positive outlook. Their professionalism really helped me improve my use of English in the workplace. I highly recommend English Language Consulting’s services to anyone wanting to improve and practise their English.

Cabinet BBLMA - Lawyer

29 May 2016

Pierre ICARD

The French Development Agency has had a strong operational partnership with ELC for about 10 years through its Corporate University, the CEFEB. ELC intervenes on two levels: firstly, for the English language needs of the CEFEB’s own staff as they often require a high level for their own training courses; and secondly in the training of young African executives who attend the Master’s courses which are organised every year between the CEFEB and the University of Auvergne. ELC has been an integral part of the teaching team since the inception of the Master’s degree in 2007. The CEFEB can only congratulate itself for the sense of professionalism and adaptation which make the ELC team such a quality operator in a multi-cultural environment of international cooperation.

Agence Française de Développement

30 May 2016

Karen Delanoë

As a corporate lawyer for an international group, I was lucky enough to have Amy Dutton as teacher as part of a qualifying training course specific to the legal profession, provided by the Maison de l’Avocat in Marseille. Although she is not a lawyer, Amy has worked in the judicial field and has lived in France for many years, and so is very familiar with the vocabulary and the various situations encountered by lawyers. This makes her able to translate terms specific to the legal and judicial universe. A real pedagogue, full of dry English humour, she organised fun and friendly discussions and role plays in small groups, and between lessons, stayed in contact to correct the work that we sent her both regularly and quickly. She managed the entire planned program on time, leaving us all well prepared for the exam. For all these reasons I heartily recommend English Language Consulting.

ECCF - Legal Counsel

1 June 2016

Serge Tavitian

Teaching English is a tough job especially in France where foreign languages are not a top priority in our educational system. There is obviously a lack for those who want to improve their English for professional reasons. But teaching English in a specific area, in my case, law, is exceptionally tough. And yet Amy does it perfectly, both for the English and for the knowledge she transmitted to us of the English judicial system. Teaching this subject requires skills and a specific knowledge, both of which Amy has.


9 June 2016

Philippe Droussé

Like 96% of the lawyers who attended Amy Dutton's lessons, I passed the ILEC exam in December 2015 . Lively and interactive lessons, individual feedback and constant subtle coaching are all part of Amy's miracle recipe to keep her learners strongly focused, hence reaching this amazing result with busy people. With all my thanks to Amy for her total commitment and involvement in driving us to success.

ECCF - Head of Legal & Insurance

9 June 2016

Jean-François JUSTE

I have been working with Amy Dutton for many years now. We work together to prepare conferences and technical texts in English. She is my teacher as well as teaching my team and other colleagues.  I strongly appreciate her skills, her availability, her ability to adapt to all subjects and her fine sense of analysis.  It would be difficult to imagine anyone better!

DFinancial director - Banque Martin Maurel

10 June 2016


The team is extremely dynamic and motivating. Amy is very available and extremely patient, and always knows when to add a pinch of that unfailing British sense of humour!

Lexhelp, A law partnership - Lawyer

10 June 2016