Our team

All of our teachers are highly qualified native English speakers. They have all had the opportunity to work and develop in different business environments. Their strong knowledge of business in addition to their teaching skills allow them to create a programme which is perfectly tailored to your needs. They have worked with the region’s major economic, cultural and social partners to develop, strengthen and ensure the success of training partnerships. Their expertise is first and foremost the language, but their listening skills, extensive experience with students of all levels as well as a wide range of areas of focus mean that they are fully qualified to accompany you in all of your English-speaking needs, whatever they might be.

Katie Ioannidis
« Listening attentively and taking a personal approach allows us to provide bespoke solutions. This is the key to our customer satisfaction! » Profile - From Leeds, United Kingdom - Read More
Amy Dutton
« We take the time to understand the businesses we work with in detail. This gives us strong technical insight, which is essential in order to offer quality services.» Profile Read More
Monica Hutchings
« My training as a translator has given me in-depth insight into the subtle differences between the language and culture in various French and English-speaking countries. This experience has taught Read More