The Results of the Great ELC Bake-off

DANIEL // Bake Off – The Finale

About my ‘competitor’

At the end of a competition, we should be gracious. We should be respectful. We should be a good sport, no matter whether we have won or lost. We should be an example to those that follow in our footsteps. It’s not always easy to be that gracious, respectful good sport – especially if our competitor wasn’t very good (mine wasn’t), or if our competitor was terrible at trash talking (mine was), or even if our competitor’s cooking made you wonder if they have ever seen a recipe before (I did wonder!). Regardless of these problems with my competitor, I’m a picture of restraint and respect.

About the competition

It appears I lost. I know, and I agree with you – it’s unjust. It’s unthinkable. It’s illogical. It’s simply…impossible. Now, I’m not saying that it was because the judge and my competitor are related. It may possibly be because I’m not as good a baker as I think I am. No, I agree with you again – that’s not feasible. Well, either way, I say congratulations to Katie. Well done, good job, a fine effort on your part. We both made an apple crumble last week, and actually, I must admit, her crumble has been amazing – I’ve been using hers as a doorstop. It works great.  

Gracious: Courtois, digne // Respectful: respectueux // A good sport: beau joueur // No matter whether: peu importe si // Wonder: se demander // Regardless: quoi qu’il en soit // Restraint: retenue // Appear: apparaître // Unjust: unjuste // Unthinkable: impensable // Related: lié (à) // Feasible: faisable // Apple crumble: crumble aux pommes // Doorstop: cale-porte

KATIE // Bake Off – Another one bites the crust!


About my competitor:

He gave it his best effort but unfortunately my opponent’s best just didn’t cut the mustard. Yes, you’ve guessed it, I won the bake off and I will never let Daniel forget it! Despite his attempts, we didn’t all come down with food poisoning but I did appreciate his hot cross buns which I keep in my kitchen as a knife sharpener.

About the competition:

I thoroughly enjoyed the competition and the banter with Daniel, it was a wonderful team building exercise. I think we’ve both learnt a little from the experience: I have learnt that the simplest approach is often the best, that I am much more competitive than I thought and Daniel has learnt to stay out of the kitchen.

We’ve all had lots of fun but now, as the summer approaches, it’s time to set aside our dessert spoons and pick up our salad forks. The diet starts tomorrow!

crust = la croûte // cut the mustard = être à la hauteur // come down with food poisoning = souffrir d’une intoxication alimentaire // knife sharpener = aiguisoir à couteaux // banter = se charrier //put aside = mettre de côté