Beware the Ides of March – Beginners

A Year in the M***e

Katie celebrates a new delivery of toilet paper with her friends.

I love an excuse to celebrate : Birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, the list goes on, but this month we’re celebrating” a year of living with Covid.

When I look at the photos on my phone or my Facebook feed at the beginning of last year, I see images of my family and me enjoying our carefree lives. No masks, no curfews, and not a second thought to toilet paper !

I have been lucky (touch wood!), and I’m grateful for that, but I know people who haven’t: people who have lost loved ones, people who had difficulties at work and people who have suffered from the effects of the virus. On the positive side, I also know people who have created new life during the pandemic, found new relationships, reinforced existing relationships and have found inspiration and creativity. The only regret is that I cannot share these moments with them in person.

My hopes now are simple: I want my young daughter to see the green rolling hills of England and feel the embrace of her English grandparents. And maybe in the future we will have a National Lockdown Day every March when we wear party masks, have a drink with family and friends or kiss strangers in the street.

Right now, I’m celebrating life. Spring is here, flowers are blooming, birds are singing and I’m setting up a virtual party with my BFFs in the UK. A perfect excuse to celebrate and buy some more wine! Cheers!