As those of you who read these newssheets avidly will remember, last month, the team at ELC got all creative and began a competition to recreate our favourite works of art.

This month, we will be relieving you from the agony of suspense by revealing the answers. And here they are below:


This is one of the Dutton family’s favourite artists: the inimitable Beryl Cook, a British artist best known for painting flamboyant characters enjoying themselves in pubs and out shopping.

This one was taken on the roof of Katie’s office opposite Onet! 




This rather glum image is Manet’s Bar at the Folies Bergères. Interesting detail here: we drank all the bottles of wine in order to prepare this reconstitution.





This brilliant reconstitution is The Arnolfini Wedding Portrait by Jan Van Eyck. Notice Katie’s pet lamb, Sherbert! 






This uncanny likeness is Arcimboldo’s “Summer”. No vegetables were harmed in the making of this painting! 







No prizes for guessing Andy Warhol’s painting of Marilyn Monroe here. Interesting fact: Katie actually rouged up for this one and almost ended up looking like an Oompa Loompa for life. All for the love of art.





And finally, Yvette Guilbert as painted by Toulouse Lautrec, which I have loved since aged 15 when I saw it in his museum in Albi. Love that pout!


Love, ELC