A strange thing happens to English trainers if you leave them in confinement for 2 months. First of all, they make themselves a lair, rather like a fugitive on the run or bear about to hibernate for the winter. They gather blankets, food and a good Wifi connection and settle in for the long haul. Once comfortable, they are able to live for a month without seeing the light of day. Just a flicker from a TV or computer screen is sufficient to keep their brain activity stable.

After a month however, the English trainer becomes dispirited and restless and will seek other occupations. Having watched all the re-runs of Frazier and reorganized their bookshelves by colour and sock drawer in alphabetical order, the English trainer will subsequently look for other, more artistic ventures in order to stimulate the brain.

And so is was that the team at ELC began a competition to reconstitute various Masterpieces and do them artistic justice.

Below you will find five works of art from your favourite team. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to identify said works of art and send us their original titles. Some are relatively simple, some more obscure. A prize for the first person to identify all six and a prize for anyone who manages to reconstitute their own Masterpiece …

Good luck !

Love, ELC